Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Saving up for Something Special- Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch MK5128

It's taken me a fair few weeks of super scrimping, but I have finally saved up enough money to purchase a new watch! I chose to treat myself to a Michael Kors MK5128 in rose gold and so far I am really enjoying wearing it. Originally I was tempted by the cheaper versions and even by the second hand watches on eBay. But I couldn't get over the idea that it could be a fake, or at least a cheap knock off version. 

As well as time keeping, like a lot of watches the MK5128 has a date keeping function, which I find incredibly useful. Particularly as being a student, knowing the date can be quite handy now and then ;) Other features include chronograph dials, luminous hour markers and arms and a stopwatch. The battery is Japanese Quartz and apparently it is waterproof 50-100m, which means you can go swimming with it. I don't think I'll be getting this watch wet any time soon however!

The watch new is retailed at £229, which is quite a chunk out of your purse (I saved up every penny for it!). But I know this piece will be strapped to my wrist for years to come (especially as it has a 2 year guarantee!). I would say this is quite a large watch, it's not too bulky, but certainly a statement piece. The specs say this is 455g, and it does feel like a nice weighty watch. I find it comfortable to wear throughout the day, though it is nice to take it off at the end as I wear it quite tightly so that it doesn't slip around. If you're thinking about getting this watch for yourself, I would recommend you buy it from the shop in person so that you can get it fitted right away. Although I have seen this watch for a cheaper price on The Watch Hut but there is nothing worse than not being able to wear your watch straight away once it has arrived in the post!

Rose gold is such a nice colour and it goes with both silver and gold, which is nice when creating an arm candy stack. Something I am excited to do once I've invested in some nice bangles and bracelets! 

This is my one other watch I own, it's a Bcbgmaxazria and it was a Christmas present from a couple of years ago. The strap is a lovely, soft leather in black and gold. Again I love this watch, but am so precious about it! To the point where I've kept the little sticker on the watch face to keep it scratch free! This watch is probably more appropriate for the evening, as it's not really a very functional watch for daytime use!

So that turned out to be a little watch collection post (even if I only own 2!) I love the idea of investing in good quality pieces which will last for years. What do you think of the Michael Kors watch obsession? I know it's seen to be quite 'trendy' amongst you tubers and bloggers, but I can really see why!



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