Friday, 10 January 2014

Winter Style Challenge: Win £500 Debenhams vouchers

 This is my entry for the Debenhams Winter Style Challenge.
The task was to create two outfits, a cosy winter daytime look, and a winter evening look, using pieces from the Debenhams website.

The Daytime Look: Glam but Cosy.
This outfit is for when it is cold and frosty outside, and you need something glamorous but warm to get you feeling great and out of the house. I always feel a lot happier when I am wearing something I love, which is why I decided to put together a monochrome based outfit. The first piece I found was this striking pencil skirt, I love the block shades of black and white, it looks so chic paired with the textured shirt. The handbag and earrings add a pop of colour to the outfit, without being too fussy, and the scarf and fluffy headband add more texture and pattern to give the look an edge. Of course you need a pair of gloves to keep your fingers warm, and a pair of hold ups to cover those bare legs. The shoe boots finish the look off with a striking heel, which is still easy to walk in. bundle yourself up in the white coat (with pockets for plenty of tissues!) and you're ready to face the day!

Total: £248.25

 The Evening Look: An evening with Miss Scarlet
This look is a lot simpler than the daytime look, but I was aiming for drama and an edgy look with these key items. The red dress is almost as classic as the little black dress, and I love the ruched skirt, which gives some texture to a otherwise plain dress. The heels have a delicate netting inbetween the straps, and balance out the simplicity of the dress. I decided to go all out with a big glamorous necklace to draw the eyes, and I think this one is especially gorgeous. The little flurry jacket keeps the chill at bay, and the diamond clutch is just... mouthwatering. 

Total: £160.50


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