Thursday, 16 January 2014

Organising Clothes and Keeping on Top of my Wardrobe!

Continuing on from my scarf organisation post, I have also been obsessed with keeping my wardrobe neat and tidy (I've just reread that last part and I sound like a maniac). Jokes aside, I just find it so much less stressful finding clothes to wear, when a simple structure is used. 

First of all I use clothes hangers which are all one shape and size. This means that everything hangs evenly and symmetrically. Velvet covered hangers mean that nothing slides around or falls off constantly which means less stress! 

I also have a vague colour coordinated system combined with item type, such as black knitwear. This makes it easier to locate certain things in a hurry, and it also looks nice. 

A lot of us have been taking advantage of the sales currently, which means our drawers and wardrobes are quickly filling up. I have a one in, one out system, where I will replace one tired item with a better quality/newer equivalent, or swop a new item with something I no longer wear. I always let my mum have first refusal of the things I get rid of, and then it trickles down to the car boot pile and then a charity shop if it doesn't sell. Never just throw your things in the bin, even charities can make money from rag bags and scraps of material. 

You could also try a swapping party with your friends, where you each bring one garment which is too good to give to charity but you no longer wear, and come home with someone else's unloved item. I've heard examples where this has really worked well, but I personally think it could be difficult for everyone to go home happy. You would also have to make sure everyone was of a similar size, or that could also be awkward. 

Sometimes when I own a garment I am bored with or no longer love, it can be fun to customise them. You could add a Peter Pan collar to an old top, or add some crochet patches to fill in a holey jumper. Or be more adventurous and start chopping sleeves off tops and skirts off dresses (which is my gran's favourite thing to do) for me this can often go horribly wrong so I normally ask my mum to sew things for me if I am particularly attached to it. 

Buy pieces which will last you and are timeless. At school I used to buy quantity over quality, if there was a sale I would often buy things I wasn't even 100% in love with, just so that I had options for mufti days and the weekend! I would normally shop in places such as Primark or New Look, because they were friendly prices for my purse. Now I always shop for good quality brands, normally in their sales or eBay so that I'm not spending as much on them. I choose things which can be worn in a multiple of different ways, and choose pieces which will wear and wash well. Currently my three favourite brands are Zara, Topshop and Warehouse.

Let me know in the comments if you've found these tips useful! I will return with some more storage and organisation tips soon :)


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