Monday, 20 January 2014

DIY Dust Bag for Handbags and How to Keep your Bag in the Best Condition

Hello lovely people, in today's post I am going to share with you my new trick for a DIY handbag dust bag, and share a few tips on how to keep your bags looking nice along the way.

First of all you want to clear out your bag, check all the pockets and make sure it is completely empty.

Next give your bag a wipe down, how you do this depends on the type of bag you are cleaning. For example this little leather bag, I will use a slightly damp cloth on the outside to get rid of any dirt, and then follow up with some leather conditioner, a little goes a long way.

Next stuff your bag to maintain its shape and prevent it from getting squashed. I used newspaper in this example, but you can also use tissue paper or even an old t-shirt.

Tuck any shoulder straps to keep them safe during storage.

For the DIY dust bag you will want a piece of square fabric, I find that those scarf wraps from Lush are ideal, however you can use anything you fancy. Place the bag in the middle…

...Knot together two corners of the same side, making sure to leave a little gap once knotted…

Take 1 of the 2 unknotted corners and thread it through the loop you have just made previously.

Tie the remaining corner to the threaded corner and fasten into a bow.

Your dust bag is now complete! And should look something like this...

If your bag has a short handle, you can leave this poking out to make locating the bag easier.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, leave any requests in the comments below! I would love to know if you decide to try this for yourself!



  1. A neat trick! I organised all my bags over the weekend, and next it's shoes... daunting task, that one! x

  2. Great post! I like the suggestion mentioned above. Lather handbags often become dry and start to tear with time this is why a proper care is quite essential to keep them in a good condition. You need to make sure that you are caring properly for your leather bag as proper care will prevent your purse from becoming dry. I also have a brown colored leather handbag which I found from and I always take proper care of my bag. I always try to keep my handbag off the ground and use leather cleaner formulated for handbag.

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  4. I have a small bag selection and these guidelines are really beneficial. However i don't like the fragrance of set purses when they are old. do you know how can i get rid of that old set smell?handbag care tips


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